Alright. National vocation week!

1. What word or which words stood out to you? Let’s say them out loud. 

2. For me, the words “we belong to each other” really stood out to me. It means there is no us vs them, there is

only us. And if we belong to each other, then we have a responsibility to each other. And that responsibility is to 

show each other compassion. This is what Jesus revealed to us as our purpose in life. 

3. But we can’t fully show that compassion for one another until we choose a vocation!  We need to get set up just 

like how you need to get your house set up in order to live and show love to your family. It’s only once we are 

where we belong, before we can fully begin emptying ourselves of the gifts, talent, and love we have every single 

day, just as Jesus did. 

4. There are 4 ways of vocations we can live a life of compassion.  There is the single life, married life, religious 

life, and priesthood.  None of these are better than the other. But all of these are equally important, because it is 

where you are choosing to get set up to take the call, where you feel most comfortable to receive the call of 


5. None of these choices should be overlooked, especially priesthood and religious life because the truth is, there 

is a shortage. And I think we are short because people think they aren’t holy enough. That is a lie because we are all wounded, broken, flawed...every single one of us, sitting here now, except for me of course.  So, if priesthood 

or religious life appeals to you should not ignore it. Because God needs all 4 vocations, not just 2 of the 4, but all 4. 

6. Think of it this way, if you were trying to build a house, you need more that just and architect and an 

electrician. You need a plumber and a builder. Similarly, God needs single people, married people, religious people, 

and priests in order to build his kingdom here in earth. God needs builders, badly. Just visit the poor. You will hear 

God’s voice when the poor say to you, I need you. 

7. In my life, I have honestly felt a calling to 3 of these 4 vocations. During high school and a part of college, I 

wanted to be a priest. Those feelings were real. I fell in love with the church, which is why I studied theology and 

am standing here today. But after college, my desires changed and I considered a single life as a missionary. But 

then I met my wife and realized that this was my vocation. This vocation gave me a place to fulfill my purpose, 

where I knew I could show the most compassion, not only to my wife and kids, but to the world around me, which 

includes my church, my workplace, and other areas of need. But that’s my story. And your story does not have to be the same as anyone else’s story. 

8. Remember, vocation happens when you take what you love to the world’s needs. And vocation is an ongoing 

process. It doesn’t stop after you choose one of these 4.  Once you choose, you have to think about your vocation 

within your vocation.  (Head hurts in Korean). You have to ask, “now that I’m married, what is my vocation? Or 

now that I’m a priest, or a nun or single, what is my vocation? How will I show compassion through this vocation 

I have chosen?” 

9. Start thinking about your vocation, and be honest with yourself. Because this is the fun and creative part of 

being Catholic. You get to choose your own adventure. You get to be creative in the way you express God’s love to 

the world. You get to be a part of this larger story of building God’s kingdom here on earth by simply choosing your 


10. So listen for the call, and let’s find a way for our compassion to flow outward into the world and heal it of its 

brokenness. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. 

Thank you 

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